A Finer Fabric

A Fabric you won’t forget

Slip into Soft is a luxurious sleepwear brand creating masterfully textured silk sleepwear fit for any and every size. Pure silk pajamas for women are available in either long or short sleeves, with varying elegant designs at every turn. Desire something comfortable? Slip Into Soft silk is made with 100% 19 Momme Luxury Mulberry Silk.  A healthy and breathable fabric, almost like a second layer of protection for your skin. Crafted with careful trim along hemlines, pockets, and neckline. Even available in sizes up to 3x! No sizes are left out of enjoying the comfort of Luxury Mulberry Silk.

Luxury at its finest

Desire something colorful? Slip Into Soft offers a wide array of bright and vibrant colors. Seeking a beautiful and rich ocean blue? Try Slip into Soft! Want the bright sheen of deep champagne? Look no further than Slip into Soft! The beautiful craftsmanship, gorgeous material, and comforting fit will have you seeking more. Consider these lovely pieces for yourself, a partner, or a relative. These pajamas make the perfect gift. With all the options Slip Into Soft has to offer finding the perfect one for you is a breeze! Wear it, and wear often, the organic oils your body produces will result in a greater sheen, shine, and softness of the silk. Be sure to wash your set in warm water on your most gentle available cycle. You want to preserve the luxury and elegance which comes from owning one of these sets. Finally wanting to find something which satisfies your need for elegance, style, and comfort? Look no further than Slip Into Soft.

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